10 Social Media Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

Maxeemize - Orange County Digital Marketing - 10 Social Media Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

The holiday season is definitely the biggest sale opportunity of the year for retail businesses that you have to take advantage of. This season gives businesses a chance to add some personality to their social media marketing strategy by incorporating the holiday spirit. Our team at Maxeemize have created a list of ways you can get creative with your Social Media Marketing this season to boost your sales and brand awareness.

1. Decorations

Decorating your business’s physical location with holiday decorations is one of the first steps of getting into the festive spirit. This approach should also be incorporated on your website and social media accounts. Put up digital decorations by updating your profile picture and cover photos with festive texts and images. You can also use your cover photo to highlight special offers or other useful information like holiday hours.

2. Holiday Hashtags

Create your own or use popular holiday hashtags to help spread your content on various social media platforms. Some of the most used hashtags for the holiday season include #ChristmasCountDown #Wishlist2018 #ChristmasShopping #TisTheSeason #SeasonsGreetings

3. Facebook and Instagram Stories

Show your company’s festive and fun personality by posting on Facebook and Instagram stories. This is a chance for you to take your clients behind the scenes and show how your group celebrate or prepare for the holiday season. You can also use this to announce limited offers and conduct enjoyable polls.

4. Holiday Offers

Giving special holiday offers and sharing promotional posts on social media is a good way to generate noise and boost sales.
Holiday offers should be given for a limited period or in limited quantity. These can include coupons, discounts, buy one get one offers, or free shipping.

Another great idea is to offer a series of bargains in a 12-days of Christmas campaign or something comparable to this. This will attract your social media followers back to your page every day to check out what you have to offer.

5. Holiday Competitions

You can hold a holiday challenge or competition on your social media account and give away prizes like free products or services. You can ask your followers to join by participating in festive polls, quizzes, or ask them to post holiday contents with your specific hashtags.

6. Gift Baskets

If your business has a large range of products and services, you can create your own holiday gift baskets at different price levels and promote them on social media. You can also use this opportunity to partner with other businesses and feature their products in your festive gift baskets.

7. Support A Cause

During the holiday season, highlight a cause that your business supports on social media. Your organization could conduct charity events, gift collecting events and offer other services such as gift wrapping and donate the funds to a cause. Pick a cause that embodies your company’s values and a cause that makes sense to your followers and clients.

8. Visual Content

Focus on the visual elements when you’re developing social media content for the holidays. Create striking images, videos and animated GIFs to be noticeable and encourage engagement. You can post multiple images in one post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to maximize your flexibility and engagement.

9. Social Media Advertisement

Using social media advertising tools such as Facebook Pixels can place your ads or posts on feeds of people that may have previously looked at your site but not converted. This tool can also be used to retarget customers that have converted previously and give them special offers and limited edition items.

The holiday season is also the perfect opportunity for you to spend on boosting posts and social media advertising. Utilize the targeting features offered on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to advertise to your own client base.

10. Scheduling Your Content

Posting social media content over the holidays can be stressful, specially on festive dates like Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve. The best way to ensure that your social media posts are taken care of is to schedule them in advanced. You can use tools like HootSuite to schedule days’ or weeks’ worth of content well ahead of time and manage multiple social media accounts.

At Maxeemize, we ensure that your social media marketing investments for the holiday season are maximized for better ROI. We have the expertise, knowledge, experience, as well as creativity, to deliver unique solutions that produce better results for your digital marketing strategy! Contact Us for a free consultation.

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