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Can i order synthroid online, Where can i purchase synthroid

A well-know Orange County immigration lawyer, Maziar Mafi wanted a distinct custom-designed website that reflected his expertise and experience and a platform that was easy to work with. Maxeemize created a customized and mobile-responsive website for his practice to impress potential clients and help with business development.

What Our team provided

Customized law firm website design
Social media integration
Local SEO
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Website Design and Local SEO for a Lawyer

Here’s an excerpt from our interview with Atty. Maziar Mafir regarding his website design and digital marketing:

What were you looking for in your website?

I’m very particular with how I want my website to look like. I’m conservative that way. So the key was to have a custom design. I spoke with a number of other online marketing companies who wanted me to choose from a number of templates, but I didn’t like how they look because they did not reflect my expertise, experience and personality. They did not appeal to me.

What did you think of the entire design and SEO processes?

The process was very easy. I talked with Maxeemize team and explained everything about my practice and how I want my online presence to reflect. After a few meetings about the design, the team came back with exactly the website design I was looking for. I’m glad you got what I wanted.

It was such a pleasant experience working with everyone. I’m glad I didn’t have to spend much time on it and got to focus more on running my practice. 

What’s the feedback after the new site was launched?

The website is how I envisioned it to be. I’m getting positive feedback on it from clients, colleagues, friends and families. I know it’s a very competitive field, but my ranking is slowly improving. Thank to Sid and the rest of the Maxeemize team for all the hard work!

Technologies used

Website Design


Local SEO


Social Media Integration