How to Make Your Social Media Photos Stand Out

Maxeemize - Orange County Digital Marketing - Social Media

Social media profiles without interesting images is like having cereal without milk. Most social media specialists – including our team at Maxeemize – usually recommend spending about three to five times as much time working on images as you do your text content. This is because most of your online visitors will always take not […]

How to Develop an Exceptional Customer Experience

Maxeemize - Orange County Digital Marketing - Customer Experience

Customer experience has now become one of the most important aspects of online marketing and business in general. A client’s route to finishing a purchase today involves many more properties than it did in the recent past. Research shows that customers interact with businesses around 10 times before making the decision to purchase a good […]

15 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest in Content

There has been been a dramatic change in Marketing in the past few years and, if you aren’t doing it the right way, your business could be losing a lot of money. Do you know what you might be missing right now? Content Marketing for Businesses. Content is and will always be king. Competition may […]

The Importance of Budgeting for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Maxeemize - Orange County Digital Marketing - Budgeting for Digital Marketing

A well-planned digital marketing budget can help your business manage and measure what you’ve invested in acquiring new clients and reconnecting with the current ones. This can also help you find new ways to optimize the marketing strategies that provide the best return on your investments. Here is a list of reasons why budgeting for […]

The Basics of Facebook Advertising and Google AdWords

Maxeemize - Orange County Digital Marketing - Basics of Facebook Ads and Google AdWords

The most used online advertising platforms in the United States are Facebook Advertising and Google AdWords. But how are they different from one another and which one is the best choice for your business? Facebook Ads and Google AdWords both have their own unique features, each having their own strengths and weaknesses. These two online […]