Hot Website Design Trends for 2017

A well-designed website will help generate more sales for your brand or company. But having a typical responsive site is not enough to achieve this goal. You must ensure that the site’s architecture is not only search engine compliant but also designed to meet the changing needs of your customers and adapt to the latest technology advancements. If you want your business to succeed this year, seek the help of professionals who are capable of creating functional web design for businesses and knowledgeable about the latest trends in web design.

Here are some of the hot website design trends for 2017 that can help improve your conversion rate:


The color of your website plays a vital role in converting visitors into paying clients. A Kissmetrics research revealed that visual dimension is the top influencing factor for most buyers and more than 90% base their decision on the product’s color alone. In addition, color imparts a specific mood or feeling to your visitors, which can affect their buying behavior. Meanwhile, companies that use the right color scheme are able to increase their sales up to 21%. But you can still improve the look of your site with simple changes in the color scheme. This year, you may try the duotone imagery effect. It may include experimenting with two or three colors using the duotone effect. This is an excellent option if you want to revamp the old look of your site.


The use of large and bold typography is becoming a popular design option today. If you want your business website to be unique and appealing, discard those typical font types and sizes. You can create a lasting impression on your customers by mixing different fonts, creating custom font colors, or combining them with graphics. The use of hand-drawn fonts is also a design concept that will be in for 2017.


Do you want to add a new design element that will catch the attention of your target customers? Go for cinemagraphics. This element is not your typical GIF but a crossover between image and video. It has subtle movements that capture the attention of your visitors and help convey your message.

Material Design Concept

The material design concept was introduced by Google with the main objective of improving the usability and accessibility of websites and apps. Since this concept is focused on better user experience, more designers use it for web design for businesses.

Modular Design/Grid Design

There are a lot of companies adopting the modular or grid design concept, and we see this number to dramatically increase in 2017. As a business owner, you will surely love the simplicity, flexibility, and responsiveness of this design concept. The grid-based design displays nicely on different screen sizes, so it is a great option if you target mobile users. It is also easy for you to organize content and make it more accessible for your users. Today, web design for businesses must be responsive and user-friendly to ensure great customer experience.

Flex Box

Another web design trend that will be hot this year is the use of a CSS module called flex box. With its align and distribute tools, creating a responsive and user-friendly website will be a breeze. This design concept is highly recommended for business websites with product catalogues and image thumbnail galleries.

360° Video Tours/Virtual Reality (VR)

The use of 360 video tours and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies will be a hit among businesses this year. By incorporating these elements into your website, you can create an interactive and breathtaking experience for your customers.


Incorporating microinteractions or micromoments into your website will create a subtle but powerful impact on your customers. They initiate customer interaction that often leads to conversion and sales. These design elements are often used in scrolling effects, click animations, and hovers. Companies that offer web design for businesses know how to work on these features, so integrating them in your website will not be an issue.

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