Preparing Your Website for Holiday Online Shopping

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With the holiday season now upon us, online shopping is going to be busier than ever and if your websites/mobile sites are not ready, you’re going to miss the chance to hit the holiday shopping jackpot.

Experts are projecting a staggering $135 billion revenue for holiday online shopping in the U.S this year. In 2018, e-commerce shopping accounted for a total of $119.54 billion, $9.4 billion of which was spent on Cyber Monday alone – the biggest single-day sale in the US ever. That’s a lot and good for online retailers who successfully took part.

If you haven’t already solicited the support of a digital marketing specialist for your online shopping campaign this holiday season, here are few important tips that can help you maximize your online sales.

Website and Mobile

Chances are, your website is already up and running but how’s your engagement with visitors? Do you think your website is attractive and compelling enough to convert visits to customers? Review your website strategy and make sure you have a responsive mobile-friendly version. Most people are on the go and do everything including their shopping with their phones.
Learn how to set up a high-converting website


This.Is.A.Must. Your website needs to have a great SEO implementation to ensure that you’re easily found, and your brand is highly visible. Content is king; get your keywords ranking now to get the substantial benefit for holiday shopping. It takes months to get a good SEO running so if you haven’t started yet, plan ahead for setting your SEO strategy for next year.

PPC campaigns.

Ensure that you have built landing pages and your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns before the holiday season and roll them out in time. Optimize your PPCs and landing pages, if you haven’t already. It takes time to optimize and fine-tune your campaign, so the sooner you start the better chance for hitting the bulls-eye.

Plan content marketing.

Content is king and planning this ahead will do wonders for your website. There’s a lot more room to grow for content marketing and getting your foot in the door is a good strategy for a reliable and high-traffic website. Plan to have engaging and popular topics in your editorial calendar to increase visits to your site and create a positive experience with a potential customer.

Post on Social Media

While we are on the subject of content, plan what you will post on social media. The more relevant they are, the higher engagement you will get from your followers. It is important that you have a social media calendar and plan and schedule your posts ahead of time. Save time managing your social content by taking advantage of tools like Hootsuite. Take advantage of Come holiday season, you will get your hands busy with selling and you should not have to worry about your social media posts.

Getting ahead of the game is key to driving your online sales this holiday season. Being prepared beats any last-minute campaign that is not rolled out properly. If you don’t have the skills or the experience, then recruit and consult a digital marketing expert to ensure your success and getting the most ROI from your online presence.

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