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Most marketing agencies think that traditional marketing is long gone and that digital marketing is the only way to go. This is mainly true since a huge percentage of the population is connected online. However, digital marketing cannot substitute many key traditional marketing tools because not everybody is online 24/7. People will not stop watching TV, reading newspapers and listening to the radio.

It is important to bear in mind that there are some products and services that generate better results if marketed digitally, while some may prove more successful if marketed traditionally. At Maxeemize, we believe that using a little bit of both can truly produce the best effect from the marketing campaign.

Maxeemize marketing consultants can help you develop a mix of traditional and digital marketing strategy for your company and create easy to find and engaging experiences that could influence action – buying your company’s products and services or boosting your social media network.

Traditional Marketing

Conventional marketing mediums include newspapers, magazines, radio, television, trade shows/events, direct marketing, podcasts and billboards. Main traditional marketing tools are irreplaceable and will not be obsolete anytime soon, but its role has radically changed and is continuing to change.

Television and print, specifically, are still highly valuable mediums, especially when combined with the latest media strategies. Many marketing campaigns on TV still generate more traffic to their landing pages than their search engine optimization (SEO) and other digital marketing campaigns.

Digital Marketing

Digital  marketing is definitely here to stay. It is constantly transforming the way many companies engage with their customers. Digital marketing mediums include social networking sites, e-mail campaigns, webcasts, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-clicks (PPC), mobile media and blogs.

In order to be successful, companies must first understand where their customers spend time in the digital world before planning to create significant and engaging online interactions with those customers.

This strategy is more cost efficient compared to conventional media like TV, print and radio. And a successful digital marketing strategy, for a sensible monthly investment, can give your company an advantage of advertising more effectively against larger competitors.

“Tra-digital” Marketing

Using tra-digital marketing campaigns can help your company attain maximum traction. Around 62 percent of companies with marketing campaigns that have a mix of both online and offline marketing sees a significant increase in their return on investment.

Marketing specialists have also reported an average increase of about 50 percent for companies with customized multichannel (tra-digital) marketing campaigns compared to having traditional campaigns by itself.

There are a few things to keep in mind in order to have a successful tra-digital marketing campaign:

Have a strong call-to-action and have significant offers in order to attract more customers
There should also be a clear visual connection between your company’s channels to create uniformity and consistency
Have committed efforts and offers to motivate potential customers to respond online
You should invest on landing pages that are specifically created for each marketing campaign. This will help measure your campaign’s activity and effectiveness

As a one-stop marketing agency, you can rely on Maxeemize for specialized marketing consulting services. Our marketing specialists provide an integrated mix of traditional and digital marketing services and help create solutions that would maximize customer attraction, engagement and conversion. We believe that a healthy mix of traditional and digital marketing can help your company dominate the market.

To learn more about our online services, click here. Learn more about Maxeemize Digital Marketing Services.

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