Understanding Cornerstone Content And How It Can Help Your Business

Maxeemize - Orange County Digital Marketing - Understanding Cornerstone Content and How It Can Help Your Business

It is essential for a business to have cornerstone content when building and developing their website. This type of content can be described as the foundation of articles written on your website. They contain the most important information you have to offer in your specific niche. When trying to rank well for the one or two key topics that your entire website is built around, creating flagship content is your best bet.

This content should embody the best image and value proposition of your business online. They display the nature of your business and share your mission and objectives to your clients. These contents should be professionally written in order for readers to have a great impression of your commercial operations.

Cornerstone content should generally help a user get accustomed to your company’s website and the key topics that you are trying to communicate. It is the main content on your site which the visitors will see and engage.

How to Identify Cornerstone Content?

If you are focused on building your company’s website by using cornerstone content, you should first identify your best articles. These will serve as a foundation for your SEO strategy. When picking your articles, you should examine the content with care. You should pick four or five pages that you would like users to see when visiting your site. These pages will make your website’s cornerstone.

You should keep the following questions in mind when selecting your ideal articles:

  • Which pages are the most influential for your business and industry?
  • Which articles are most valuable?
  • Which content can represent your business as a whole?
  • Are these pages/articles provide the best value proposition to your potential customer?


Why is it so Important?

Cornerstone is a major element to think about when executing your SEO strategy. It is usually harder to rank high when you are dealing with terms that are in demand. This type of approach allows you to focus your search engine efforts towards a single place with your most valued keywords. Google will identify the individual ranking of your articles and prioritize the cornerstone pieces. This will allow you to rank higher, otherwise, your content will not have a chance to rank well and or attract potential visitors.

Cornerstone Linking Structure

 Your site visitors should be able to access your cornerstone content straight away from your home page. Additionally, they should be able to directly access these contents when reading other posts. You are basically creating posts that are focused on a variety of issues that are related to the main material.

It is important that you link your cornerstone material to your tributary blog content. This internal linking increases the ranking of your website’s cornerstone piece. Search engines will also be able to easily identify your best pages.

Types of Content

The articles on your web pages have to stay relevant to your audience. They should be updated regularly and they should mainly focus on explaining. You should ensure that your cornerstone material provides the best information about the subject. Furthermore, you should integrate your top keywords for exceptional ranking on search result pages.

Cornerstone articles should be 500-word or longer and educational in nature. They should be written extremely well and should cover every important detail about the topic. Your content must be impressive, both in quality and in scope.


When refining your cornerstone articles, you should pick the most crucial and appropriate keywords. You can use These are the principal keywords that you should aim to rank for in Google search results. Your content should be optimized for the most valuable keywords for your industry. There are various research tools you can use to identify the best terms. Some of the tools that you may use include Google Keyword PlannerKWFinder, and Moz.

Title Tags and Headline

Another key point is the importance of using your targeted keyword phrase in your title tags. Search engines need to offer relevant results, so the title of your pages should actively reflect the words the searcher would use. Taking into consideration the essential keywords featured in your cornerstone content in your tags headlines would increase the chances of being found on the search queries.

You can learn more the importance of Keywords, Tags, and Headlines in our blog Local SEO 101: Your To Do List

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