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Designing a website is not much different than designing and building a house. It is necessary for you to build a foundation and utilize the proper materials to make sure that your structure lasts for a long time. Some of the main elements to focus on when developing an effective website design include the domain name, the amount of text it has, the color scheme, the responsiveness, and the overall feel.

By keeping your website’s design clean and up to date, you can significantly increase your chances of successfully attracting more online users and visitors.

The Maxeemize design team has created a list of dos and don’ts for a successful website design in 2020.


Keep Your Website Design Neat and Simple

One of the most important things about designing a great website is keeping your focus on the key information and positioning them out in a logical order. Keeping your website simple and organized makes it easier for anyone to engage your website. From the overall design and layout to content and pictures you should consider keeping it simple. Utilize effective copywriting to make your company’s points in a clear and concise way.

Use An Effective Domain

Your domain name is like your storefront sign, this can either attract clients to have a look inside or push them away. When picking a domain name for your site, you should choose one that’s striking, catchy, and notable. It should also indicate the nature of your business. Try to avoid using domains that are baffling or easy to misspell. Use a simple and effective domain name that you can be proud of.

Make It User Friendly

Online users typically move through pages quickly. If your website’s key information is buried deep in different pages or placed somewhere that is hard to find, it might frustrate your online visitors and have them leave your site. Keep your online visitors happy by making your website design easy to navigate. Try not to use busy backgrounds, include a menu bar, and present useful facts straight away. Remember, if a new visitor can’t find information instantly, then your website navigation probably needs an upgrade.

Pick The Right Color Structure

Brand consistency is key. Assimilate your brand identity to your website design with your company color scheme using simple designs. Our team of designers at Maxeemize can advise you on the psychology of colors and help you experiment using different styles to see what works for you and your business.

Social Media Icons

Remember to add Social Media icons (Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, …) in the header and footer of your website and link them to you social media accounts

Take Advantage of On-Page SEO

Take full advantage of On-Page SEO to insure your new Responsive Website is Search Engine friendly and it can find its way to the top of the Google/Bing search pages


Never Finalize Your Website

Great websites are never complete. In order for your website design to be successful, it has to continuously develop over time. Keep updating your website by adding new content, pictures, adding new features, and upgrading the overall design. Websites that are not updated frequently are typically outranked and left behind by their competitors sooner rather than later. You do not have to alter the whole website. Instead, add small upgrades or an ongoing basis.

Use Large Images

Try not to use large (size) images. This will slow down your website’s loading time significantly which could potentially cause being penalized by Google when it comes to ranking.  You do not need to use images that are multiple megabytes big. Try to use sites like Tiny PNG to compress the pictures that you upload on your site. Online users do not typically notice the difference between the original picture versus the compressed one.

Overload with Content and Keywords

Do not overload your website with keywords and content just to try to rank higher in search engine results. Avoid keyword stuffing and spamming your content at all costs. Do not create content for search engines, create them for your audience. Make sure your keyword placement sounds right and feels natural.

Use Illegal Material

Illegal material includes using text without consent and using copyrighted photos. Your content has to be unique or original. If you hire a writer, make sure that he or she only creates original articles. You can use various plagiarism checking tools to ensure that your content does not plagiarize other websites. When using images, use your own photos or purchase pictures from sites like Shutterstock or Big Stock Photos or use free, commercially licensed photos.

While following this list of things to create an effective website, you should make sure to add a touch of your own creativity to add life to your website. You also have to approach your design from the usability standpoint so that users can access your site on any type of device (Responsive Website Design).

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