Reasons Why Blogging is Great For Your Business

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Content is key and that’s why blogging is good for your business. If you notice, more and more businesses provide relevant information about their industry, products, and business in general. This content is normally posted on their own social media pages or website itself.

Blogging is basically an online diary entry that contains various topics depending on the website’s objectives. Take a look at Maxeemize, for example. In our blog page, you will find heaps of information on how to up your game in the online world.

In the past, businesses would rely on advertising placements for customers to get to know their products or services. However, with the fast rise of digital media and ease of access with information, content marketing has become an integral part of our everyday lives.

And if you’re a forward-thinking business, you will not miss the opportunity to reach out to massive customers by using your own web resources.

Here are some reasons that solidifies why blogging is important for you:

  • Blogging brings direct traffic to your website and increases your brand visibility and awareness
  • Blogs from companies generate 55% more website visitors, 97% more inbound links and 434% more indexed pages – Impactbnd
  • In a survey from 2010-2017, 36% of Fortune 500 Companies maintain blogs

So whether or not you already have an existing blog or thinking about it, have a look at some benefits your business will get from blogging.

You are the Expert in your Industry

Blogging shows that you have high command of your own industry or business. In short, you are seen as a thought leader. The depth of your knowledge shared to your customers or readers increases your trust meter. Remember, most online users are looking for information before they make a decision to purchase or avail of a service.

As readers trust you being the expert, they would then consider your products. A survey has been shown that 51% of B2B buyers rely on content before buying and that they prefer reading something that educates rather than sells.

Give added value

A natural progression of knowing what you write about is creating value for your readers or followers. When your blog contains information that only pushes an item to sell, you can count on losing your readers immediately. However, if your content is informative, like DIYs, guides, tips, and the like, your readers will stay on your page to consume the information you have laid out for them.

A good example is Etsy, a craft online store. It offers different crafting and creative topics for readers. There are abundant craft ideas available for people with creative projects or hobbies. Readers consume a wealth of information on a topic that interest them and eventually influences them to consider looking for items needed to do their project. With pushing content more than sales, readers tend to value what you have provided in your blog even if there is selling involved in the end.

Convert Business Leads

On the same breath as adding value, a blog can easily facilitate lead conversions. A good business blog essentially has three main components that influence leads: awareness, consideration, and decision.

As readers absorb the content you have shared, they will also start to consider buying and may eventually decide to purchase your product or service. Adding a testimonial content also helps readers arrive at a decision especially if they are looking for social proof of a product or service.

Email Gathering

Any good business knows an efficient customer relationship management. One of the key practices in retaining customers is to constantly send relevant messages to them like alerts for upcoming events, tips, live sessions, special occasions, etc. A company is able to do this when they keep email data of their blog visitors. In most cases, online users will sign up for updates or newsletters on their own and that is already an indication of their interest in wanting to stay informed.

In the long run, subscription to your blog is definitely a plus for your touch points.

Strengthening SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO allows for your business to be visible more than the usual. When your SEO ranking is high, you are a step ahead with your competition in terms of getting the potential followers’ or customers’ attention. Search engines have become an integral part of our daily lives that it is our go-to when faced with questions that we cannot answer on our own (whether silly or serious).

There are of course, criteria to increase your SEO ranking. When you are blogging, there are certain keywords that you need to use frequently in order for readers to choose reading about you more than others. The stronger your keywords, the better chances you have being pushed in search engines such as Google.

When you are blogging consistently, you always up your chances of being searched by users. Likewise, with relevant content that you offer, your blog can also lead to conversions.

Get Your Customers’ Pulse

Blogging is a great medium for your business to know how your customers feel about your products or services. You may even get fresh ideas from them! Blogging is a great way for you to rethink your marketing strategy so that it responds more to the needs of your customers.

With blogging, you create a two-way communication with your most important stakeholders. Readers can also share your blog or mention it to their peers paving the way for more people to know you. As previously mentioned, blogging can bring 55% more visitors to your website.

A simple phrase like: “How do you like us to improve our services to you? Share your thoughts with us” is enough to drive conversation between you and your stakeholders.

A great example is Trip Advisor when it blogs about different destinations. At the end of each blog is a call for readers to share their thoughts, feedback or comments about the destination.

These are just some of the benefits your business will get from blogging. There are many more distinct advantage when you provide relevant information to your readers and customers.

At Maxeemize, we can help you stay relevant to your followers and guide you in increasing your digital presence. We have experts that can help you create, design and create content for you. Just give us a call and let’s have a conversation on your digital marketing strategy! Contact Us for a free review management consultation.

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