Client Case Study: Website Design and Local SEO for Greater Pacific Construction

Maxeemize - Orange County Digital Marketing - CLient Case Study - General Contractor Website Design and Local SEO

The Greater Pacific Construction is a top-rated general contracting company in Orange County that provides professional commercial and residential construction services, such as Home Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeling, Room Addition and Tenant Improvements. Being the in the construction business, Greater Pacific Construction understands that good customer service and communication is as important to making the construction project process run smoothly as the design itself. And Maxeemize couldn’t agree more. The Maxeemize team has put together this client case study to demonstrate the type of results we can achieve by working with businesses interested in achieving visually appealing website with great online ranking. The Greater Pacific Construction is one of the leading General Contractor services listed on HOUZZ.

Competitive Opportunities

Responsive Website Design- Retire the old website and design a new one that is mobile responsive, more user-friendly, easier to navigate and with content that is more organized.
Generate Leads Online- Remove all faulty elements to lift search engine penalties, optimize the site to improve visibility and search rankings and visibility to increase website lead opportunities.
Social Media Integration- The new website will integrate existing social media accounts and provide sharing capabilities.

Our Digital Marketing Strategies

The initial strategy was to perform a thorough website and SEO audits. A website can be a powerful tool in generating new businesses and revenues, which makes website audit an essential part of our marketing strategies. Website audit takes a look at all the elements that make up a site, such as the branding, design, content, coding, usability, settings, structure, responsiveness, and more. This gives us a better understanding of what might be wrong on the website and what or how they can be fixed by creating an action plan to get things done.

Meanwhile, an SEO audit looks at the optimization of your website for conversion, analyzes your online visibility, checks how well (or not) your SEO efforts are faring. This digs deep into the on-page and off-page ranking factors and examines accessibility and indexability of the site. An SEO audit allows us to formulate strategies that are tailored to needs of the site and the business.

Maxeemize worked closely with Kaveh Zabeti, a highly-experienced licensed general contractor and President of Greater Pacific Construction, every step of the way. The redesign ensured the new website will be modern, user-friendly, optimized for search engines and mobile responsive.
The SEO work started simultaneously with the website redesign, completing all essential on-page optimization to ensure the site is optimized from the get-go.

As part of the audit, we reviewed all pages and their content and images to ensure that their keywords were relevant to their business and information were in place. Maxeemize implemented localized search engine optimization to ensure Greater Pacific Construction would be visible for local searches. Local SEO was the ideal strategy because the company relies on phone calls, in-office consultation and local projects. As such, we integrated Google Maps on the site so directions to their office can be easily found online.

For this project, we completed and delivered Website Audit, SEO Audit, Website Design and Local SEO. We delivered the results that exceeded expectations. From being found nowhere, Greater Pacific Construction is now highly-ranked for most of their keywords.

Maxeemize - Orange County Digital Marketing - CLient Case Study - General Contractor Local SEO

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