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If you are a business owner looking to sell your business or property, you don’t have a lot of sales options to choose from. You would probably have to use the services of a business broker to have your business listed. They usually lock you in to a binding agreement and charge you tens of thousands of dollars. What most business brokers do is simply just send emails to their database of clients, list your business on a few online listing sites, and then sit back and have you wait and hope for the best.

Another option is to try to sell it yourself and figure out how to best market your business either through standard listings, word of mouth and distribution of brochures or flyers. Either of the two options would typically take a long time and would not effectively market your business or property and its key selling points.

The third and newest and most cost-effective option is to have a creative and effective custom landing page that would present and highlight the key selling points of your business or property and optimized it with relevant keywords to drive targeted traffic of potential purchasers who search the Internet for businesses or properties to buy.

Maxeemize offers custom landing page design to real estate agents, property owners, business owners and business brokers who are looking to tap the Internet to sell their properties or businesses. We design responsive and conversion-ready landing page that highlights your value proposition, key features, as well as pictures and virtual tour of business or property. We integrate high-converting marketing features such as enticing call to action phrases, promoting positive impression, simple contact form and using professional photography to help you appeal to your audience and convert them from reader to customer.  An optimized landing page definitely cost less and is effective at acquiring leads and selling businesses or properties.

What is a Sales Landing Page?

A property or business sales landing page is an individual web page developed with one particular purpose–to acquire leads and/or secure sales for your asset. The goal of your landing page is to
convert your online visitors into purchasers.

TCBY in Charleston, South Carolina is one of Maxeemize’s clients that have successfully sold their business at a timely fashion through the use of this service. Click on the link below to view
their sales landing page.

TCBY Frozen Yogurt Store for Sale:

Sales Landing Pages Allows You to Have a Longer, More Targeted Pitch

With a customized sales landing page, you will be able to fit way more detail that just simply posting your property or business on listing sites. A landing page gives you a boundless
opportunity to promote your business or property and why potential buyers should consider acquiring it. You can also use this platform to encourage prospective purchasers to provide you
the any necessary information that you desire. 

Be in Control of the Content That You Share

By having your own sales landing page, you can decide what information about your property/business you want to share. There is no listing management that limits what you can display, that decides what material you have to put, and that sets restrictions that you have to follow. With your personal page, you do not have to go through any regulations, you are completely in control of what you want to disclose.

Here is a portion of TCBY, Charleston’s landing page that shows a list of business details that they have decided to share:

Maxeemize - Orange County - TCBY Business Details

Similarly, you are also in charge of what information online users have to provide on your landing page for you to consider them as serious prospective buyers. You can add boxes of required fields that visitors have to fill up if they are interested in acquiring your business or property. This can help you to filter and sort the people who are visiting your landing page. The information you want to obtain from your page’s visitors is completely up to you.

Be Seen and Drive Traffic to Your Sales Landing Page

You can boost your landing page’s traffic through paid online marketing. This will allow your page to easily be seen by your target market and be more visible compared to businesses and properties that are posted on online listing websites. Incorporating this technique can help you get more potential buyers and can help save your valuable time.

Here are some of the options you can use to boost your sales landing page traffic:

Maxeemize provides Digital Marketing and Website Design services for property owners and small to medium size business owners who are looking into selling their assets. We combine advanced technologies, tools with custom website design services, and best practices in SEO to help our clients expedite the sale of their business/property. Contact Us at (949) 431-0431 for complimentary consultation.

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