Order synthroid, Buy synthroid canada

Order synthroid, Buy synthroid canada

Efficiency and High ROI

Optimized Inbound Email Marketing

Email marketing is excellent at making sure your leads and existing customers stay connected and engaged with your business. Email marketing is efficient, easy on the budget, generates high ROI and can be automated. It’s one of the easiest and cost-effective digital marketing tactics to execute. In one fell swoop, your business can reach thousands of people with email marketing. The most exciting part of is that these people have opted into your community and allow you to send them information on a regular basis.

The challenge is how often should you send emails and whether you are sending the right kind of email that will give the right impression and perception of your company or business. If you bombard your contacts with nothing but promotions and sales and promotional emails, they will grow tired of you and will opt out. At Maxeemize, we develop strategically planned email marketing that is critical to creating a remarkable and educational experience for your prospects and customers.

Order synthroid, Buy synthroid canada

– Sid Marashi, Founder

Of consumers likes receiving promotional emails
Generated revenue from segmented and targeted emails
Of emails received are opened on mobile phones
The open rate for emails with personalized message
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It’s crucial for every business to understand customer journey—from how people opt in to your mailing list to how they make purchase decisions and how you can keep them engaged with your business—and integrating it with inbound marketing strategy. A properly-implemented email marketing program can help improve the impact of your overall digital marketing strategy and build stronger relationships with your audience by keeping them engaged and driving traffic to your website and its content. Emails must have a good balance between images and text, making it easy to read and mobile-friendly—which is important because your audience is most likely going to access their email on their smartphones.

Maxeemize Online Marketing - Inbound Email Marketing

Educational Email

We create educational emails with a single topic that is discussed briefly in the email itself and then links back to your website for the audience to read more information. The audience only spends an average of  20-30 seconds reading an email, so we make it short and interesting to drive readers back to your website.

Newsletter Emails

Newsletter emails consist of snippets of great mix of contents (educational, promotional or general info) off of your business blog. We pick their curiosity and make them want to subscribe to your business blog so they don’t miss out on any valuable information. Converting prospects from email subscription to blog subscription is great for your business because blog is published more often and can be easily shared through social media.

Promotional Emails

We design promotional emails for your marketing campaigns to inform your subscribers of your new products, special promotions, exclusive discounts or sales. This type of email marketing is great as they directly generate sales and revenue for your business.

Lead Nurturing Emails

We create lead nurturing emails that look like personal emails, not the designed template emails used in educational or newsletter emails. We set them up in advance to go out at regular intervals and triggered by key events. If they download a whitepaper or e-book, they would get a series of lead nurturing emails, one every 3-4 days, introducing them to your other educational content that are related to the whitepaper or e-book they downloaded. The emails may be triggered by upcoming events such as webinars or helpful tips.

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