How to Build a Landing Page That Converts

How to Build a Landing Page That Converts

Adding a single or multiple landing pages to your digital marketing strategy can help boost your business significantly. They are key to getting more conversions from your ads, as well as a major component in order to collect emails efficiently without popups on your site. This blog post will explain how you can utilize a landing page for lead conversion, and will also talk about basic strategies and benefits of using a landing page.


What’s a Landing Page?

The only purpose of a landing page is to generate leads or make a sale. It is a single page that is used in online advertising so that prospective clients have a particular page to land on after clicking a post or an ad. Landing pages do not have navigation keys and generally do not link to any of the pages on your website. This gives visitors little or no chance of getting distracted with other links. It allows you to focus on your primary goal of generating conversions with this particular page.

The two main types of landing pages are transactional landing pages and reference landing pages. Transactional landing pages are created to allow users to provide their contact information and make purchases. Reference landing pages are created to solely provide information to potential clients.

Landing pages can be used for a many different purposes. Aside from collecting customer information and ad/PPC support, it can be used to boost your company’s SEO strategy, to act as a temporary website, to endorse special promotions, to promote free trials, and many more.


Landing Page Components

 There are many sites that now offer landing page templates. However, these sites typically do not deliver landing pages that look professional. They simply offer a basic page outline for you to edit. If you want to have a unique and exceptional one, you should consider creating a custom page with your own personal flairs. Or you can have one of our experts at Maxeemize create it for you!

A superior quality landing page that will surely boost conversions include several key components that are quite comparable to what you would see on a normal web page.

1. Headlines

Your landing page’s headline is important as this is what typically grabs a user’s attention. It sets the stage for the rest of the page’s material, and without it, your page will fall flat. This should be the largest font on your page in order for it to stand out from the rest of the content.

2. Sub Text

Landing page headlines typically have some text below them that operates as an additional hook to grab the attention of the user. They provide additional information about the headline and encourages conversions.

 3. Copy

This part should be fairly short but should completely explain the advantages of using your products or services. You can summarize these advantages or use bullet points.

4. Images/Videos

People are generally visual and providing photos and videos of your products, services or an interesting topic might make them stay on your page long enough to feed their curiosity.

5. CTA

Call to actions aim to provoke a speedy response from users. This is usually a button on the landing page that potential customers click to purchase or to subscribe to something.

 6. Forms

Some landing pages are particularly created for visitors to put in their emails. Some, however, include longer forms for potential customers to fill out. If you want to obtain additional information, make sure that you are not overwhelming users with by asking too many questions.

 7. Social Links

A landing page is a great platform to promote your social media channels. Place them everywhere you can. Some users might not end up converting, but can end up following your Facebook page or your Instagram account. Landing pages can also act as a gateway for more followers.

 8. Company Logo

Brand recognition should be one of the top priorities for any company and their logo should be visible on their landing pages. Users will more than likely convert if they recognize your brand.

 9. Modern Design

It is important that you have a page that is designed to keep up with the recent design trends. Old-fashioned pages may come across as spam to some users and can jeopardize your conversion chances.


Benefits of Using a Landing Page

  • It is easy to set up
  • It is easy to measure
  • It provides additional information
  • It helps generate direct sales
  • It helps you build relationships with your leads

 At Maxeemize, we ensure that your landing page investments are maximized for better ROI. We have the expertise, knowledge, experience, as well as creativity, to deliver unique solutions that produce better results for your digital marketing strategy! Contact Us for a free consultation.


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