How to Make Your Social Media Photos Stand Out

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Social media profiles without interesting images is like having cereal without milk. Most social media specialists – including our team at Maxeemize – usually recommend spending about three to five times as much time working on images as you do your text content. This is because most of your online visitors will always take not of and remember the photos you have on your social media profile.

So what are the steps you can take in order to make your photos be remarkable, among the thousands of photos that your followers see every single day?

Here is our list of ways you can make your social media photos be more significant than ever.

Consistent branding

The color, font, and general concept of your images should be consistent with your branding. Research have shown that color consistency can improve brand recognition by up to 80%.

Having a consistent theme throughout your image posts, can also express your authority and inspire trust because it depicts a stable and reputable brand. Businesses that have outstanding social media campaigns typically have an immediately recognizable image theme that matches perfectly with their brand.

Make sure your images are properly adjusted for various platforms

You don’t necessarily have to post a completely different photo for another one of your social media accounts. You can simply adjust the image’s size, text, and resolution when you’re planning on posting it on various social media channels.

For example, an image’s size designed for Twitter or Facebook would have to be re-adjusted if you are planning on posting it on Instagram. This is because Instagram photos have to be square and not rectangular.

Learn some basic visual design principles

Studying about the basic laws of beauty and aesthetics is important. In order for your images to truly stand out, you will have to lend some time towards studying and understanding the principles of space, contrast, color and balance. By incorporate these, you will have a much better chance of creating attractive and unforgettable images.

Repetition is key

Repetition means using the same colors, fonts logos, and theme in your photos. This could also imply following a similar pattern or arrangement in your photo campaign.

Incorporating hashtags for certain days is a great example of repetition. You can post motivational photos every Monday with the hashtag #MotivationMonday, then your followers will start expecting similar posts every Monday.

You can also use specific design patterns when revealing a new product or when you are announcing a sale. You have to think about a way to design a consistent format for every category.

Be smart about your text descriptions

The image description and their texts are probably equally as important as the image itself. When it’s done right, your followers will have the best of both image design and text.

You have to avoid long, complex and boring descriptions when you are posting images. You have to keep it simple, visible and remarkable. You may also integrate inspirational phrases or quotes if it is related to your image, as well as hashtags, rules or deadlines for upcoming promotions or challenges.

Make sure that your calls-to-action (CTA) are evident and clickable

When adding a call-to-action (CTA) on your photo, you have to ensure that it is visible and does not get lost in the design. This is vital for infographics, which can start becoming too cluttered if the photo has too many text or images. Make sure that your CTA is catchy, specific, and relevant enough to catch your followers’ attention.

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