Is Your Business Website In Need of a Revamp?

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Is Your Business Website In Need of a Revamp?

Your company website impacts the success of your business. It is the medium through which visitors can access information about your company, tap services, or purchase products online.

Is your current business website up for revision?

We are now in the second quarter of 2020 and as the coronavirus pandemic has increased internet usage and online searches exponentially it’s essential for your website to keep up with the latest design and marketing trends. Now is the best time to start thinking about your next online marketing strategy update.

If a business website modification had recently been in your mind, this blog post from our digital marketing team at Maxeemize will help. We have created a list of reasons why you should think about revamping and updating your current website and bringing it to date.

1. Your Website Does Not Match Your Latest Branding

Your current business website certainly needs an overhaul if your company has recently rebranded. Your site or your online store should be aligned with and reflect your business’s latest brand identity.

This can also help you showcase your latest products or services once you re-launch your new website.

2. Your Website is Outdated

The style, feel, and trends in any design field change every few years. If your current website still looks the same from when you last updated it several years ago, and if it still has Flash images and loaded with colorful sloppy graphics and outdated pictures, then you are way behind the game.

3. Your Website is Not Completely Safe

Restructuring your website does not only involve changes in its function and appearance, but it also updates your site’s security and decreases its susceptibility to threats. If your site was created a few years ago and you haven’t taken any measures to update its security, then you are simply putting your business and your customers in danger of hacking and malware attacks.

4. Your Website is Not Mobile Friendly

Nowadays, great business websites need to supplement mobile interfaces as a growing number of internet users prefer to use their mobile phones or their tablets over desktops and laptops. At Maxeemize, we ensure that your website is fully optimized for mobile functionality to avoid the risk of losing potential clients. We provide you with a responsive web design, which is an approach to web design that makes web pages render well on a variety of devices and windows or screen sizes.

5. Your Website Runs Slow

Some features of your current, outdated site may be the reason why your pages are slow to load. It should only take about a couple of seconds for a site to fully open when an online user clicks on the page. Page speed has become a major ranking factor for mobile searches. and according to recent marketing research, more than 50% of online users are not willing to wait for more than two seconds for a site to open.

6. Your Website Has Poor UX

A website that is too confusing or a site that has various functions that are not working can surely turn visitors off.  Your visitors should be able to find their way around your site with ease, without any useless navigation.

 7. Your Current Site Has Minimum Flexibility Features

Depending on your site’s management system, you could be limited to a certain number of basic features that older outdated websites will not have. A revamp can add many new features that can help you better manage your content, like being able to update your layout regularly or being able to easily add blog posts using WordPress.

8. Your Current Website is Not Helping with Lead Conversions

The main reason why you have a business website is to generate leads and revenue. Your site is an essential component of your marketing efforts and should be a key factor in generating sales for you. If your site isn’t converting visitors to leads or sales, or if you are not getting enough visitors, then your present website design might be the reason. You need to implement a new design that would complement your business goals, and maybe think about changing your CTAs (call-to-action) on every page.

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