Promoting Your Business on Facebook Ads: Dos & Don’ts

The popularity of Facebook has reached 2 billion monthly users in the world as of 2018. There is no doubt that Facebook is an important platform if you want to reach your target audience via Facebook ads. In fact, 95 percent of businesses worldwide use Facebook to connect to their audience.

With such compelling statistics on the use of Facebook, let us have a look on the effective ways to engage the social media platform for your maximum benefit. Facebook ads allow you to reach your audience based on demographics, location, interests, and preferences or behaviors. With its micro-targeting features, you can get your message across to those who are most likely interested in your products or services.

Facebook ads Dos

Know whom to reach: This is priority. As a business owner, you should know who should buy your products or use your services. By knowing who to target, you will not unnecessarily send out your ads to irrelevant audience.

Be true and honest: Be truthful in what you are offering. It is easy to hype anything but disappointments come if your customers’ expectations are not met. A deceptive ad will make your audience angry and you will lose their trust.

Set a budget: It may be easy to get carried away with putting a Facebook ad but know that there is a cost for everything. Set how much budget you can allocate each month for Facebook ads so as not to drain your resources.

Be clear with your call-to-action (CTA)
A clear and concise call-to-action (CTA) tells the viewers at once about your product allowing for a faster decision. You just have 25 characters to write your headline and 90-125 for the description, so be direct.

Use Lookalike Audiences: This Facebook ad feature allows advertisers to find new customers by matching the data from already existing audiences to users that have similar data. Lookalike Audiences allow you to reach consumers who are just likely to engage with you.

Find inspiration from other ads: Get the pulse on what others are doing and adapt what may work for you. Take a note on what grabs your attention when you’re on Facebook as it may be useful in the future when you craft your ad.

Use variety on your ads: Facebook ads allow you different ways to promote your brand. You can use photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, slideshow ads, instant experience ads, lead ads, messenger ads, and dynamic ads. Each type offers you different functions and engagement. See which one works well for you.

Proofread and test: Always review and test your ad. You have one shot at impressing your customers so ensure that what you say is right and that your ad doesn’t look obscure.

Facebook ads Don’ts

Don’t neglect your campaign: It is tempting to just relax while your ad is running and just wait for the results. However, you must monitor your ad campaigns. Keep track of the ad performance and make changes only when necessary to achieve good results.

Don’t Ignore Mobile Users: Access of social media via mobile devices is real. In fact, 3.26 billion people worldwide use their mobile phones to view social media apps. So make sure to enable viewing on mobile for your ad placements.

Don’t ignore the chance to convert lost shoppers: For some reason, users may not be able to do a purchase right away. By using Facebook Pixel, you can track them and serve personalized ads to put the product back in front of them. Retargeting campaigns allow users to think about your products again and yield sales.

To get more insights on how to plan effective Facebook ads, reach out to a digital marketing strategist. Maxeemize can help you achieve your business goals and advance your brand in the digital space. Call (949) 431-0431 or email

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