How Your Business Can Make the Most Out of Seasonal Marketing

Maxeemize - Orange County Digital Marketing - How Your Business Can Make the Most Out of Seasonal Marketing

Small to medium-sized businesses do not necessarily have to specialize in a seasonal product or service in order for them to take advantage of trends that only come around once every year or holiday promotions.

The basis of a good seasonal marketing campaign is to produce content that is valuable and relevant for audiences in the moments that matter. Here are ten ways business owners can make the most out of seasonal campaigns.

1. Start Early

It is important for your business to help beat the noise by starting your seasonal marketing campaign before your competitors. You can start sending thank you notes a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving or start a promotional campaign during spring for your summer product lineup. Avoid being in the current season’s mix by starting a little earlier.

2. Enhance Your Web Design and Logo with Seasonal Pictures

Alter your logos and leverage your designs to promote events and seasonality. Aside from changing color palettes and a few design elements, you can incorporate things like snowflakes, fall foliage, or beach toys to celebrate different seasons. Be imaginative and consistent.

3. Compile Your Content

For seasonal marketing campaigns, you would want to efficiently compile your content from the beginning in order for you to be able to recycle your best-performing concepts next year. You can use a common drive for your marketing team so that all the files are uploaded in the same location for future review and implementation.

4. Modify Your Services

For every season, you should try to modify your services to what your clients need the most. You should consider offering extra services that you do not normally offer to match their needs. Think of how you can take advantage of potential services that are relevant during the current season.

5. Analyze the Competition

Analyze what your competitors are currently doing and what they have done in the past to see what works and what fails. You can take advantage of this information by using it as a benchmark for your business’s campaigns. You can also adapt their strategy and incorporate your own messaging and unique points. This will set your business apart and stand out from the competition during different seasons.

6. Look at the Previous Seasonal Trends

It may seem like there is something new and interesting going on every upcoming season. It is vital for businesses to watch out for trends that worked successfully in previous years. But you also have to remember not to waste precious time and energy on trends that failed. Try to blend what has worked in the past with what works now.

7. Develop Reusable Assets

If your business is capable of capitalizing seasonal trends, take the time to develop campaigns that can be used for future seasonal campaigns. These could include apps, websites, email list, Facebook pages, etc. The main concept is to conceptualize these campaigns as long-time investments.

8. Utilize Google Ads Extensions

You should consider using Google Ad extensions that are relevant to the holiday season. For example, in December, you may want to advertise “The Great All-Out Christmas Sale” on all of your Google ads to increase the likelihood of people clicking. Use time-sensitive deals to give online users an incentive to click.

9. Map Your Strategy Out Early

Whether you have a steady sales flow all year round or have a seasonal business, there are several ways to take advantage of seasonality. It is important that you map out a strategy for the seasonal trends that can benefit your business. Whether it is a special promotion for the holiday months or a free workout session for couples during Valentine’s day, it is vital to have a plan to increase sales.

10. Take Every Opportunity to Connect to Your Consumers

Take advantage of the season to send out updates, notes, or promotions to potential clients and current customers as a way to remind them of your presence. If you are falling off your audience’s radar, then your campaign is failing. Boost your exposure by taking the chance to connect to your consumers.

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